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Name:Dave Strider
Birthdate:Dec 3
Location:Houston, Texas, United States of America


Your name is DAVE. A cool dude like you is sure to have plenty of ILL INTERESTS. You have a penchant for spinning out UNBELIEVABLY ILL JAMS with your TURNTABLES AND MIXING GEAR. As of late though, you haven't been spinning out those JAMS but instead have taken a penchant for being quite the TIME TRAVELER. You just so happen to be the KNIGHT OF TIME. You rock out your TIMETABLES and create STABLE TIME LOOPS. It's a hard JOB and not even a THANK YOU or PAT ON THE SHOULDER is ever given for your hard work. But you don't mind. You rather not talk about it ANYWAYS. You're pretty much a GOD in most eyes anyways and you're just waiting for the right time to ROCK. For a cool dude like you, you're just about ready to SET THE WORLD ON FIRE.

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